Sunday, July 8, 2007

Vladdy—(did anyone ever call you that?)

Just got back from my shift at the Candlewick Café. It’s a vegan restaurant—no dairy, no eggs, and of course no fish, chix, meat—where I am bussing tables. I smell like orange juice and onions—and that’s after my shower. words beyond gross. but the money’s good, and necessary, and I feel like my summer is an endless well of need. This week alone, I bought flip-flops—the strap on my old ones broke—plus new sunglasses, since my oversized ones made me look like a bug, more bottles of sunscreen (I use XPS, available with prescription, it’s thick as chewing gum but gets the job done) and then last week my friend Pete and I went to Coney Island, so I owe him money for that.

OMG Coney Island was so awesome. I am the opposite of scared of heights—I crave heights. Must be that ole ancient instinct. And Pete loves rides that make him dizzy. We musta hit ten apiece, sustained on cotton candy, Italian ices (cherry!), and caramel apples, plus 3 hotdogs for Pete, so we were in serious barf-mode by sundown. It was the best! That place is so retro that it’s now-tro. If you ever come visit, we’ll take you there.

Our Fourth was excellent—me, Maddy, Hud, 'rents, Pete, all watched the fireworks from the Brooklyn Bridge, which was then followed by nature’s fireworks, in the form of a run-for-cover, thunder-and-lightning storm. Our cat, Pepper, was kind of spazzed by the whole thing and hid in the hamper. Pepper is a stray and has known some tough times in her last cat-life, but now she’s retired from all that and she doesn’t like anything to rock her feline world.

How is Henry? What are you bad boys up too? Did you get some attention from winning the debate? I put the clipping on my corkboard next to my autographed lyric sheet from the great Eliot Smith. He is kind of my music hero/god. Do you have any of those? Besides your teachers, who sounds amazing...I'm hoping for one of those, a la Dead Poet's Society, next year.

Hey I think I am blathering like my Great-Aunt Spottswood. w/b…. xx L.


Anonymous said...

you would make a good cople.(O.o)lol.

Lexie Livingstone said...

hey i am working on it ... shhh ...