Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's Me Again!

Hey Lex –

Kindred spirit. Sure seems like it, huh? I hope I can get to NYC soon. It would be a blast hanging with you again. And Pete sounds great! Kind of like a...well, it sounds crazy, but your friend sure sounds like a werewolf. LOL! Funny, right? I mean, they don't exist. And wow, talk about shaving every day...

Of course, who am I to talk about what does and doesn't exist?

Actually...there's something I'm hesitant to tell you, Lex. I think you know. And what's more, I think you can totally relate. But I can't be sure. So I can't say anything more just yet...not until I'm certain. So, forgive me for sounding cryptic. I just...can't.

The Cow Crossing sign didn’t last long. My aunt made me turn it in to the cops. But Henry told Officer Thompson (an idiot, if I ever saw one) that he took it, so everything was cool. I swear, so long as your last name is MacMillan, you can get away with anything in Bathory. Anyway, I told Henry no more sign-acquiring (I hate to say "stealing"—makes me sound like such a crook), so now he's on this whole "do this or I'll tell Nelly you stole something" kick. Such a jerk. But totally my best friend.

Oh wow, you like trance too? I love the stuff! Maybe if Nelly brings me with her to her nurses' convention in a few months (did I mention it's in Brooklyn?) we could go check out one of the clubs. I've never been to one. Not like we have that kind of thing around here.

Yeah, Henry's getting a little sick of me talking about you too. But I can't help it. I really like you, Lex. J


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