Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm So Sorry!


Oh man, Lex, I am SO SORRY it's taken me this long to respond! Nelly's had me running around like crazy trying to get ready for school, and finally, here it is. I'm in the eighth grade! Which is pretty sweet, ruling the school and all. The coolest part is that my English and homeroom teacher is Mr. Craig, who was my English teacher last year. He's super fun and hardly ever gives us homework on Fridays. You saw him in DC, do you remember? Skinny guy, glasses? Anyway, he's a great teacher--one of the few people I can really connect with. The only part that sucks so far about my eighth grade year is that Henry's not in hardly any of my classes. But it's cool, we still get to hang out.

Henry knows my secret, by the way. Did I mention that? I kinda bit him once. Anyway...long story. Have you ever bitten anyone? Like a person? Or was it always small creatures?

Whoa. Your neighbors sound...interesting. Keep an eye on them, for sure. And Maddy sounds so cute. I can so picture her chomping on mosquitoes. :)

Anyway, I have to study for a human biology test tomorrow. sucks. But I swear I'll write back really soon and catch you up on everything. I've felt weirdly relaxed since we both owned up to what we are. What about you? When do you head back into the trenches of public education?

Stay in touch, cute stuff.


Monday, August 13, 2007

Sketchy Neighbors

Verrry Interesting Vlad …

Now that you’ve got me pretty hooked on your own story, okay, here’s my confession. Yes, I was once a vampire, but now? ... not so much… Honestly, it’s complicated. We were infected (whole family, one fell swoop) more years ago than I’d care to count. We survived, but right from the first moment, we knew we were different. As in, we didn’t need as much plasma to sustain ourselves. Your garden variety little creatures (voles, rats, etc.) pretty much did the trick. That, and lots of fruit nectar. So we were never predators, really, but we were eternals. A few years ago, when we brokered a deal to become mortal and move to NYC, it wasn’t a huge big change, diet-wise—but the aging process is a relief. One year per year, not one year per century? Ah. I’m loving it.

Actually, my sister Maddy has a much harder time with the food issue. She’s always snacking on mosquitoes. We try to turn a blind eye, though it completely grosses me out.

I want to tell you more, but my fingers are backing off the keyboard. It’s a weird revelation, huh? – yours and mine.

In other news, yesterday I got my first glimpse of our brand-new, excessively creepy across-the-street neighbors. Who only come out at night. And are pale as two chopsticks. And who don’t use electric light. Their names are Nigel and Nicola von Krik. That’s all we know about them. Maddy's got out the binoculars every minute, spying away. Keep ya posted.

Talk later, Vlad. And thanks for your honesty.
xo L.

Monday, August 6, 2007

For Your Eyes Only!


Wow. Oh, wow. You are like me. I'm not crazy for thinking it. And I just knew I couldn't be the only one left. It makes me wonder why you'd be freaked out by the idea that I might be a creature of the night and all, but wow. It's so cool!

Okay, I hate to sound like an idiot, but what does your "tentative state" entail? See, apart from my dad...I've never met anyone else like me. Another...vampire...that is. (That was so hard to say--I hope you don't feel weird about that word. I'm just trying to get comfortable saying it to you.)

As for your questions...

Do I sleep? Oh yeah. Especially in Algebra class.

Do I feed? Not as much as I'd like. I mean, I get by on donated blood Nelly steals from the hospital she works at (her being a nurse has its perks), but the thirst I feel is never really satisfied. But I don't think I could ever feed on a person. Well, I did kind of bite Henry when we were eight, but still...

You asked about things like "hybrid" and "pure states" and whether or not I know any others like us. The truth is, I really don't know anything about our kind. I mean, my dad was a vampire, but my mom was human. And we kept our heritage a secret. Up until you, I hadn't run into anyone else like us, and my dad never really talked about I'm a little lost, a lot freaked out by all this, and pretty friggin' elated to learn this about you. Tell me more!

I love the irony of Pete's birthday song! You have a great sense of humor, Lex. Not much going on here. I stayed over at Henry's last night. He ate so many Cheetos he ended up puking in the aquarium. It was totally funny. But, maybe you had to be there. On a positive note, he said he won't have to feed the fish for the next few days...

More later! (I'm hungry)