Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm So Sorry!


Oh man, Lex, I am SO SORRY it's taken me this long to respond! Nelly's had me running around like crazy trying to get ready for school, and finally, here it is. I'm in the eighth grade! Which is pretty sweet, ruling the school and all. The coolest part is that my English and homeroom teacher is Mr. Craig, who was my English teacher last year. He's super fun and hardly ever gives us homework on Fridays. You saw him in DC, do you remember? Skinny guy, glasses? Anyway, he's a great teacher--one of the few people I can really connect with. The only part that sucks so far about my eighth grade year is that Henry's not in hardly any of my classes. But it's cool, we still get to hang out.

Henry knows my secret, by the way. Did I mention that? I kinda bit him once. Anyway...long story. Have you ever bitten anyone? Like a person? Or was it always small creatures?

Whoa. Your neighbors sound...interesting. Keep an eye on them, for sure. And Maddy sounds so cute. I can so picture her chomping on mosquitoes. :)

Anyway, I have to study for a human biology test tomorrow. sucks. But I swear I'll write back really soon and catch you up on everything. I've felt weirdly relaxed since we both owned up to what we are. What about you? When do you head back into the trenches of public education?

Stay in touch, cute stuff.


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