Monday, August 13, 2007

Sketchy Neighbors

Verrry Interesting Vlad …

Now that you’ve got me pretty hooked on your own story, okay, here’s my confession. Yes, I was once a vampire, but now? ... not so much… Honestly, it’s complicated. We were infected (whole family, one fell swoop) more years ago than I’d care to count. We survived, but right from the first moment, we knew we were different. As in, we didn’t need as much plasma to sustain ourselves. Your garden variety little creatures (voles, rats, etc.) pretty much did the trick. That, and lots of fruit nectar. So we were never predators, really, but we were eternals. A few years ago, when we brokered a deal to become mortal and move to NYC, it wasn’t a huge big change, diet-wise—but the aging process is a relief. One year per year, not one year per century? Ah. I’m loving it.

Actually, my sister Maddy has a much harder time with the food issue. She’s always snacking on mosquitoes. We try to turn a blind eye, though it completely grosses me out.

I want to tell you more, but my fingers are backing off the keyboard. It’s a weird revelation, huh? – yours and mine.

In other news, yesterday I got my first glimpse of our brand-new, excessively creepy across-the-street neighbors. Who only come out at night. And are pale as two chopsticks. And who don’t use electric light. Their names are Nigel and Nicola von Krik. That’s all we know about them. Maddy's got out the binoculars every minute, spying away. Keep ya posted.

Talk later, Vlad. And thanks for your honesty.
xo L.

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