Tuesday, September 4, 2007

School's In


Here it is, my long-awaited (or maybe not) Back to School Bonjour. In honor of my completion of the first day of the new school year—doesn’t it feel weird to be in eighth grade? Top of the Social Heap. Finally. Crazy.

This weekend, decided to redecorate my 1/2 of the room, and rocking a whole new look, with dozens of string darklights and string flowers. Pete and I got a major bargain on them at the Dollar Tree, now the whole ceiling (yeah, Maddy's side, too) is criss-crossed with daisies and sunflowers and blue and purple pinpoints of light ... you look up and it’s like something van Gogh might have imagined, when he wasn’t feeling totally, ear-removingly depressed. Mom got me a new comforter in a violet lilac pattern, and then I found this place on Elizabeth Street where you can customize your own scent for perfume or room spray ... soooo I brewed up this jasmine blend, and my room officially smells awesome, though Mads is supremely annoyed, since she prefers a more mildewy, rotting smell. Oh, well. SHe just has to take it.

Okay, enough with the Martha Stewart, girlie details, right? In other news, we all started school with no big hiccups. Hudson’s in fourth, Maddy’s in sixth, and luckily I am not in their building (P.S. 42), but instead all the way across town at Cathedral Middle, on 19th and Eight Ave, West Side, which means I don’t have to deal with being called in every time Mad gets in trouble for picking on other kids (she’s really short, and she’s got a massive Napoleonic complex to go along with it).

My teacher, Mrs. MacCaw, has absolutely no game, a horrifying case of bedhead, and will slap you a demerit quicker than you can say “more cowbell”—she’s got one, btw, and rings it whenever she feels that things are getting out of her control, which is 78% of the time. She has a serious sense of humor failure about pretty much everything.

On that, yeah yeah, I totally remember Mr. Craig, he proctored one of our debates, he’s a fun guy, really smart, too. You must be so relieved you’ve got him twice. Sucks about not seeing enough of Henry, though. I’m in three classes with Pete, including all-important biology, so we can partner up.

And my arch-nem, Mina Pringle, did not transfer to Wolcott School for (Spoiled, Entitled) Girls, as oh-so-greatly anticipated, but is right back here at Cathedral, sitting two rows ahead of me. I am all about maintaining the peace, but the girl has irked me since fourth grade. More on Mina to come, I am sure.

So far, European History is by far my favorite subject of all ; ). Next week, am giving an oral report on Plagues. Since my family survived three of them, I think I’ve got an edge …

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