Monday, September 10, 2007

Algebra & Aftershave

Hey, Lex!

Wow, your upgraded room sounds sweet! Well...for a girl (no offense). I can't handle any more than a poster or two. To be honest, I never understood the decorating craze. But I'm really glad you're happy with it! I almost, kinda managed to clean mine this week. Well...there are still a few stray socks lying around, but they add character (at least, that's what I told Nelly). And don't even look under my bed... *shudders*

Mrs. MacCaw sounds pretty bad--my sympathies. But I've got one to top it. Her name is Mrs. Bell (huh...what's with these teachers and bells?) and she's a sub at Bathory Junior High. No cowbell in the world could be as obnoxious as her painted-on eyebrows, Lex. And dude...she smells like aftershave. AFTERSHAVE. What's that tell you about her nightlife, eh? Disturbing. But luckily, we only had to deal with her one day this week, while Mr. Craig was out with a cold. I can't imagine what it would be like to see her more often. Of course, whenever she can't sub, the other option is Mr. Snelgrove (our principal). I swear, he looks just like a rat. Woe unto normal society if those two ever started dating.

Mina Pringle sounds like a brat. (What's with me saying "sounds like" so much in this email?) Sucks that you have to share air with her. I didn't realize until I went to class the first day that Meredith Brookstone is in my home-room (which is also my English class). She's really sweet. But Chelsea Whitaker sits right in front of me and I kinda hate her with a deep passion. Hey, don't forget to tell Pete I said hi!

Ha ha...I'm sure you'll ace European history! In fact, you have kinda an unfair advantage there... ;) Me, well, I may be failing math already. Yep. After just two weeks or so in school. It might have something to do with the fact that the title of "Algebra" should be changed to "nap time for Vlad". I never fail to stay awake in Biology--seems like the conversation always gets around to blood. What a big relief that lunch is right after that class.

Speaking of which, I've been wondering just a little lately if different blood types have different flavors...

More later, batty girl!


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