Thursday, July 26, 2007

The V Word


Wow, Kiki sounds like a major brat. But…truth be told, I'm having a difficult time focusing on that part of our letter. See…the thing is (and I feel terrible admitting this), I very nearly deleted your email. It kinda had me freaking out in a major way. But then I went for a walk (to a secret place that I'd love to show you sometime), and I thought about it, and I realized that I can't just stop emailing you. You're my friend (not to mention seriously adorable). And, if you're my friend, then you deserve some answers.

(And it makes me feel better knowing that you might be…different…too.)

Okay, so I have a secret. And the only two people on the planet who know for sure are my Aunt Nelly and Henry, my best bud. And it seems like you really already know my secret, and might share the same secret…so why is it so hard to say that word? You know, the one that starts with a "V"?

Lex, the truth is, I'm a V….you know. And you are too, aren't you?

Wait, you have braces. Wow, good thing you're a vegetarian. LOL! They'd certainly get in the way of…well…you know. And a-ha! I THOUGHT I saw you flitting a hungry glance over at my rare cheeseburger that day in DC. ;)

So, does that mean your entire family is…like us? I really want to hear more. Kinda terrified that you seem to know about me, but…see, I have no one to talk to about this. I mean, Nelly and Henry aren't like me in that regard. So it would be great not to be alone. Assuming, of course, that I haven’t just shoved my whole foot in my mouth by very nearly admitting who…what…I am.

Write back soon. Immediately isn't soon enough.

~V (...there's that letter again...)

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