Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sunscreen, Armageddon, and A One-of-a-Kind Dorkfest

Hey Lex –

Oh, Vegan! Thanks for the explanation, for a minute I was wondering what they could possibly serve. I never seem to remember veggies. But how cool is it that you have a job? Me, I just mooch off of Henry and hope Nelly will hand me a few bucks now and again. Not like a person needs a lot of money to do anything in Bathory. This place sucks.

Wow, XPS? Sounds like you have serous sun issues. I use SPF 70 and it gets the job done. My dad was pretty sunburn-prone, I guess you could say, so Nelly worries that I might be too. Y'know...I'm starting to think we might have a lot more in common than I originally thought. Of course, it might be my imagination. After all...I don't think anyone's like me. Not really. Sometimes I feel like I'm just desperately looking for people like me. Y'know? Or...maybe you don't. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you're nice.

Coney Island sounds so cool! About the most exciting thing Henry and I have done this summer is take a trip to the Stokerton Mall and pick up this seriously sweet new game for the PS2 called Race to Armageddon. Oh, and Henry stayed over last weekend and due to a game of Truth or Dare going horribly awry, I'm now the proud new owner of a cow-crossing sign. Plus, during the summer my aunt lets me stay up as late as I want, which is a huge plus. I'm a total night owl.

Nelly has a cat too. Her name is Amenti. Just picture an enormous ball of black fur that would probably roll if you nudged it with your toe—that's her.

As far as music goes, I'm pretty open-minded. I'm really into My Chemical Romance lately, and this new band out of Chicago, Kill Hannah. They're pretty cool. Oh! And I wanted to tell you about the stupid picnic the school held for us for winning at Regionals—major dorkfest. Principal Snelgrove wore a tie. A tie! In 90-degree, I'm-melting-in-the-Midwest heat! All the families came out and brought food. It wouldn't have been so bad (well, except for Snelgrove), but then Bill and Tom showed up. They're complete Neanderthal jerks. I said, dorkfest.

Gotta go—Nelly's already gearing up for back to school shopping. Ugh...parental figures. Write soon!


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